Simple and thin into the current bathroom products mainstream

time:2021-01-14 09:57:13

With the improvement of people's living standards, the rise of young consumer groups, especially after "80, 90" has become the main force of consumption, personalized as the label bathroom of this generation is no longer the only use of the cool, but an important space to enjoy life and reflect personal taste.Times are changing, trends are changing, markets are changing, you live in busy and crowded cities, in this vibrant May, which bathroom popularity is worth paying attention to?

From this year's Frankfurt Bathroom Show, although there is no shock of new technologies and products, but in the details of the treatment is very well thought out, showing humane care. This year's new bathroom design trend of simplicity points to more obvious: bathtubs, washbasins, etc. are flat lines, simple geometric shape, without any excessive decoration; And the toilet, the cover are all the same to thin closer.

This year highlights the "bathroom design sense" of this kind of new products, water basins, lockers, bathtubs, toilets, etc. can be matched into the same color, but also to ensure that just right. In addition, the bathroom started from the previous single-use to decorative and multi-functional combination of the road. Including TOTO, Kohler, Wrigley, Huida, Hengjie and so on, these domestic and foreign brands are providing a diversified product line of the overall bathroom, whether it is smart toilet, water-saving urinal, or with hydromassage function of the bathtub, dry steaming small sauna, so that people feel the human and artistic atmosphere of the bathroom.